Women Helping Women through Nano Finance

Aamara Biswas helps the poorest of poor women in their emergency needs for food, healthcare, small trades, and their childrens' education through Nano Finance. The main objective of Nano Finance is to give small interest free loans (less than $25) for one year which will stop them to go to the money lenders where the interest rate is 120% and more. The women learn to help other women through Nano Finance concept. Their returned money is used to give loan to other women in similar situation. Aamara Biswas is not going to make the women rich but helps them not to be in the trap of money lenders and helps them in the time of desparate situation.
It is hard for people to beleive (specially the Westerens) that how 500 rupees (less than 12 dollars) can bring security to an woman's life and relieves her from a big burden in case of emergency.