Personal Stories by Clients


Kainta never could pay back the loan of 500 rupees which she took from Aamara Biswas. She did not have a shelter and used to sleep on the verandah of a neighbor and used to clean their house. In return, the neighbor used to give her some food. She really did not have any money to pay back the loan. She came to me and told her story with tears in her eyes. Initially she thought, Aamara Biswas would take her to police for not paying the loan.  She died January, 2009.   

 Sumitra has three grownup children with an alcoholic husband. Her life is a constant struggle. The sons (2) don't have any regular jobs. Sumitra and her daughter work very hard to manage the house. Sumitra has taken loan from Aamara Biswas a few times for her emergency needs. Her comment; "Aamara Biswas has given me strength and hope that in emergency need, I don't have to go to the the money lenders. I have lost my gold earnings, was the only gold possession for not able to pay back the loan of a few hundred rupees." She has been rejected by the money lenders for buying rice, because she did not have any valuable object to give as a security. The family went without food many times.

Nura used the 500 rupees for buying wood for the cremation of her father-in-law which she took as loan from Aamara Biswas and she was very happy that she did not have to go to the money lender for this emergency need.