Projects with Basundhara and BISWA


Working with Basundhara from 1995 to 2002


·         Started sponsor a child program in 1995 and continued until 1999


            From 1999-2002


·         Started Shallow Tube Well project for farming , started with 25 shallow tube wells in 2000 expanded to 255 tube wells in three years. Currently provides water to about 2000 acres of farm land in the cyclone effected villages.

·         Drinking water tube wells

·         Gave Financial Assistance to Self help groups

·         Income generating program for women during those two years in the cyclone effected villages.

·         Introduced the concept of villagers’ financial contribution at a minimum level depending on their financial condition

·         Built Bathrooms in Public places

·         Built private sanitary latrines

·         Started Prabasi Tailoring Training Center 

Working with BISWA (Bharat Integrated Social Welfar Agency) from 2002


From 2002-2007

  • The major achievement in 2006 is the starting of a Micro Finance Institution (mFI) in Orissa in July. BISWA (Orissa based NGO) has played a very big role and is responsible for starting this bank. We (friends from USA and Canada) have invested about $125,000 in this bank. Our contribution and moral support was extremely important for BISWA in starting the mFI. Again, without the team effort such an achievement would have been beyond our dreams.
  • Established 22 schools in 22 villages (Asha for education supports 4 of these)
  • One slum school in Sambalpur town
  • Installed 52 drinking water tube wells (4 were supported by the friends from U.S.) and the rest 48 were installed by the government (Central Government’s Rural Water Supply – Swajaladhara scheme) with 10% contribution by us on behalf of the villagers with the condition that the villagers would pay back the money after installation of the tube wells. This is a great contribution on behalf of the Government. The cost of installing one tube well in this area is over Rs 40,000.00 due to deep boring.  
  • Started 4 water harvest projects. Due to the high cost, it was not possible for us to complete these projects.  BISWA has received funding from other source for completing the projects 
  • Reduced common illnesses by supporting frequent small health camps with follow ups, community based drug centers in the villages, and sending the health workers for training program through Orissa Voluntary Health Association.
  • Supported several eye camps, providing eye glasses and helping the villagers to have cataract surgeries.
  • Expanded the Prabasi Training Center in Eastern Orissa (which I started in 2002 after the Super Cyclone) by adding computer training program.
  • Started Oddissi Production center in Sambalpur town which employs about 28 women. We hope to market our Badi and Pampad (Oddissi) nationally, which will open the door for more job opportunities for the urban women.
  • Started a bike project which provides bikes with discounted prices to the school going children for transportation.
  • Established a washing and bath soap making unit in a rural village, which will be run and managed by the women’s self help group.
  • Started supporting different trades (tailoring, brick kiln, bee keeping, goat and farming, and piggery) in 15 villages through self help groups
  • Opened grocery and clothing stores in seven villages through self help groups (women) by giving them loan
  • Opened Oddissa Fabric Tailoring Unit in Bhubaneswar    


I am extremely thankful to Ms. Saila Behera (Sec. of Basundhara) and Mr. Khirod Chandra Malick (Chairman of BISWA), their staff, and the villagers for making the projects successful.  All projects have been generously supported by friends, relatives, and family members.