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Nuapada Abhinaba Village School

Sponsored by Aamara Biswas

Joyasree Mahanti

August, 2010


Village: Nuapada     P.O. Kiakata  Dist: Anugul, State: Orissa, Country: India


Opened on:  June 9, 2010


Teachers:      Kamalini Badi  (10th grade)

                        Manjula Badi  (Has three years of college education)

                        Both the teachers are from the same village. 


Total number of students registered: 41

3-5 years (21), 6-10 years (13), 11-13 years (7)


Cordinator: Mihir Nath, Aamara Biswas


The school place is provided by the parents  


Teacher’s salaries for four years are supported by the following donors:


Vishakha and Sanjiv Dagli, Raj and Jai Bhagwan Jaglan, Sundari and Jairam Rajan from Lansing, Michigan, USA


Yearly expenses (study materials) is supported by the following donors:

Bill and Chris Hartmann, Lansing, Michigan, USA

Shyel, Avha, and Omri Mahanti Meisels, Berkeley, California, USA


The school was opened with 41 students. 11 more students have started attending the school since then, making the total number 52. Currently, the school time is from 6:00 am to 9:00 am. We are planning to extend the school hours. The older girls have to go back home to take care of the house hold chores and young siblings. We encourage and expect that these children will attend the Government school regularly after attending our school.


While visiting the village in December, 2009 to meet the women who had taken loans from Aamara Biswas through Nano Finance project, I saw the condition of the children and found out that they were not attending the Government school.  From my earlier experience, I decided to start a temporary school in the village for creating awareness of education among the parents. The other reason for starting a school was to give a minimum education to the girls who stay at home to take care of the family when the parents are in the field or working as daily wage workers. 




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