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Water Filter

September, 19, 2010
The terracotta filters are in the market for last several years. If you google search, you will find many African countries are already using the terracotta filters. This is cheaper and tested extensively both locally and outside Orissa, India. 
The details of the project are as follows:
Our Biswas, the USA-based organization is initiating  a project to provide water filters to the women who can't buy the expensive filters. Aamara Biswas, India-based organization will coordinate the project in Orissa. The women will buy the filters through nano finance scheme.   
For last six months Our Biswas was exploring the idea of buying low cost water filters. Recently, we have found the terracotta water filter which has developed by Mr. S. Khuntia from the Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology, ,Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India.  
We have ordered 100 (@10 dollar/Rs450) filters with containers. The women will buy the filter/container at $10.70/Rs 480. We are starting the project in the areas where Nano Finance project has already been started. The women have already taken loans. They are familiar with the concept. We will take Rs 200/$4.55 ( at the beginning for the deposit. They will pay back the rest of the amount in one or two installments.  Most of the women are aware of the water related diseases. 
The future plan is to start a small unit to make the filters by the women. The institute will teach the women how to make the filters with a nominal price.  
Kedar Sahani, a local person from Jagatsingpur district,  is the main coordinator. The local coordinators will help him. Aamara Biswas and Our Biswas are hoping to continue this project and give water filters to the  women of urban and rural areas which will reduce the water related diseases. 
Joyasree Mahanti
Joyasree Mahanti,
Sep 22, 2010, 9:03 AM